Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmassy things

Somewhere between the first verse and chorus of  "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" I teared up.  We were all sitting in our favorite pew at church, standing and worshipping the Lord.  My daughters are all 3 very great singers, and it truly felt like I was in the middle of a choir.  They were singing parts, and I paused for a second just to enjoy the sound of their trio.  To say it was beautiful would be minimizing it.  It was angelic.  I felt so blessed to have been the audience of one to their mini-concert.  I love it when we all sit together at church.  We are unified with our presence, even if we all hear the words differently and process the content differently.  I love the routine that "church" is for our family.  It is a KNOWN.  All we do is come with a heart that is ready.  December is a favorite time for us, mostly because of the music.  Christmas carols, traditional hymns, advent candles.  We love the whole shebang.   

Most years, we make our way up to the mountains and cut down our Christmas tree from the big forest.  It is one of our favorite traditions.  Sometimes there is snow, sometimes there is wind.  Most of the time, the weather is just wintry and it revs us up for the whole Christmas season.

Molly, our doggie, loves this annual romp in the woods.
She is busy, busy smelling all of the new smells that she never smells in the city...

It has been said over the past few weeks that this is our best tree ever. 
I think that we say that every year, BUT... This year, it just might be true...
Merry Christmas!

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