Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Its November.  This is a special month for me as the Mama around here because it is the month that I FIRST became a mama (16 years ago!)!  Everything about the month reminds me of those very first feelings of giving birth, having a newborn, being engrossed in the newness of motherhood.

It is a month to be focus on being grateful.  I am so grateful for my life.  It's a life that is a pleasure.  It is a life that requires work and prayer and an attentive heart.  There are days that have the fragrance of joy all over them, and then there are the days that well... they don't.  And for those days, I move deeper into grace and thanksgiving.

I am drawn towards certain Christmas music even during the Thanksgiving season.  I just love
this song, and this one .  This second song reminds me of this walk that I took with my dad when I was a very small child, 3 or 4.  Quite possibly it was on Christmas Eve.  Also possible was that my sister and mom were with us.  All I remember is that we walked in the snow, at night, down to this church that had this nativity scene set up on its front yard.  I remember it being so very cold, possibly snowing, and dark.  And then ... there was moonlight.  The light from the moon was enough to guide us down the uneven sidewalk as we slowly made our way to the manger scene.  The anticipation makes my heart flutter still when I think back.   What I remember the most was how quiet the walk was.  Our destination was the nativity scene that we often drove by, but were going to see up close for the first time.  The moonlight seemed  reverent,  as if the moon itself knew that what we were about to view was sacred.  This song always brings about that memory.  

For some extra special beauty, go here.

I hope that wherever you are at, gratitude is near you.

I find that is helps me change
*my grumpy heart
*a sad spirit
*an overwhelmed schedule
*a dissatisfied longing

Psalm 100:1
"Enter His gates with Thanksgiving and into His courts with praise."

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