Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break!!!  Oh - It was so much fun.  I am a FREAK when it comes to unpacking, like I start the laundry the second we walk into the house kind of a FREAK, have the kids take their suitcases to their rooms and get everything out of them kind of FREAK.  Not this trip.  Just tonight, one week later, I finally put the suitcases away and put away the last bit of MY laundry.  I just wasn't ready for it to end.  My hubby is a wonderful trip planner.  He is just fabulous at it!!  I tell him he should quit his day job (hoping he won't take me too seriously!!) and be a trip planner for other people because he is so great at it.  This Spring Break trip was just as great as all of the other vacations he has planned for us.  The destination for us was Zion National Park.  We flew into St. George, UT which was just the nicest little place and such a short flight from DIA.  We loved that the sun was shining and the wind was not blowing.  We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and enjoyed our adjoining rooms, heated pool, hot tub, unlimited hot water for showers, (is there a theme here??) and of course....FREE breakfast.  It was wonderful!  While in St. George we took a short walk/hike, ate at a favorite restaurant of Daddy's, and tooled around town for Daddy to show us where he used to live/work.  The next day, we headed out of town about 45 minutes to Springdale, UT where we stayed at a wonderful place called The Desert Pearl Inn (  I did not want to leave.  It was so great.  We had a back door that sent us straight out onto the river, with views of the pretty red rocks and gorgeous sunsets.  It truly was heavenly.  While there, we took advantage of our close proximity to Zion and we spent a lot of time in the park hiking, walking, picnicking, taking pictures, posting pictures on IG, and playing in the river.  The weather was gorgeous, and spring had already come to  the desert so it was in bloom and the terrain was just so colorful (unlike our brown grass at home).  I loved being with the family in this beautiful setting.  I'm so grateful for the chance we had to get out of town and spend time together.  Taking a break from the routine always gives me some extra mojo to get back into the groove of life.  We hit the ground running as soon as we came back home.  Soccer started up for 2 youngest kiddos, Marky had dance tryouts (AND MADE THE TEAM!!!), Maddie is starting track, dance practice, piano and well, the rest of life... We just keep plugging along, fitting it all in.   It's not always ALL great, but it is always ALL good!!!  


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