Sunday, September 22, 2013

We had a super, wonderful weekend.
(That is, until the Mr. came down with some sort of stomach sickly thing.
Friday night we had some friends over for dessert and chit-chat.
Its always a wonderful time to have other families over and
spice it up (and MESS it up!) around the house.
Its good to get out the special dessert plates 
and the one set of complete/matching drinking glasses in the house.
I keep these hidden so that nobody goes and uses them
and then breaks them so I don't have a complete set.  Sneaky, I know.
Necessary!!  If its not nailed down around here, its fair game
for the taking!!!  
I digress...

Saturday we spent the morning at the soccer field, cheering
Michael on.  His team played hard for their win!!
Saturday afternoon, the girls and I went out shopping
for a homecoming dress for Marky.
We found exactly what she wanted with minimal teeth gnashing.  
It was a success!!

Today has been a day of a mix of sunshine and rain.
We went to church and had lunch out. 
Marky went to a Rockies game with friends, Michael went to play at a friends
house, and Meredith and Maddie went to the movies.
WHEW - a VERY social day around here!!
I spent some time at the fabric/craft store, getting inspired
and stocking up on a few items for some projects that I want to do.
It was a teeny, tiny vacation for me.  
I don't need much.
Weekends as a family are so special.  
I hope that everyones was a wonderful as ours was as the 
First Day of Fall 
made its arrival.

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