Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dearest Marky,

I was so thrilled to talk with you the other
day about the great comments that you
received from your teacher. 
I hope that his remarks confirmed for you
what I already know about you.  
That you are smart and funny; truth-filled
and so beautiful.

I know that it was so hard on you last year 
when you didn't 
get "chosen".
And yet you just kept on going, 
like the brave, sweet girl 
that God made you to be.

But I know that it hurt.

Now today, 
half a year later, I hope that
it has been confirmed to you
that you are 
And that you SHOULD have been chosen
and that you are worthy and 
most importantly that you are
You are enough, just because of who you are.


I choose you.  Every day.  For the rest of our days. 

I think you are incredible. 
I am so proud of you.
Every day.

It is a privilege to be your mom.


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