Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I am choking the summer life out of the days.  I am not ready to give in to the school schedule yet.  I want to hold on to late nights, late mornings, pool days,  relaxed lunches and even mosquito nights.  I'm just not READY yet!!!  School starts in 11 days.  ELEVEN days to continue our memories, enjoy the relaxed pace that summer allows.  We've finished shopping for pencils, cute skirts and awesome jeans (that honestly we won't wear until later September.).  We have labeled lunch boxes and backpacks, dated new planners and mentally set out our first day of school outfits.  BUT....

The towels are still begging to be wet,
the bikes still wanting to be ridden.
Pillows wanting our soft heads to rest longer and
summer jammies wanting to keep us cool. 

Please don't end too quickly, sweet Summer.
There's still more fun to have!!!
You are my favorite time of year and I just
can't say goodbye. 

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