Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Week of School

There are moments, as a mom, where you take a step back and observe your kids through eyes of wonder and fascination.  I watched each one of them express their individuality all week long.   Through their clothing choices I see their creativity, as they tell their stories I understand what they value. When they describe their favorite moment of the day, I get a glimspe into their talents and interests.  I love hearing what makes them tick, what makes them laugh, what concerns them.  I see through their eyes how their classmates have changed, how their teachers' hair looks, how cute their best friend's outfit was.  What a fun week this was as the kids met new friends, hugged old friends, said hello to former teachers, and embraced what will be a great, fun and challenging year for all.  I rode the emotional roller coaster up and down, back and forth and have settled down to accept that although our summer fun has ended,  and ALL of my kiddies are growing up, there are many great things to look forward to as this school year unfolds.  Sentimentality aside, I'm so excited for all that they are going to experience this fall and in the months beyond.
First day of 7th grade for Marky

First day of kindergarten for my baby boy!

My sweet Maddie-girl started 5th grade.
Meredith Grace started 2nd grade.

Daddy with his girlies.

My boys!!

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