Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Saturday, the girls and I had a fun morning at the nail salon. 
Our adventure was the result of three things.
1.Meredith enduring 10 days of twice a day amoxicillan... with a smile 
2.  Maddie catching up on a MASS of  monster math assignment.
3.  Marky achieving an outstanding 3rd quarter report card.

The little girls decided to get their toes painted
and Marky chose to get her fingernails done.  

I tell you what...

I have never seen 3 little girls more relaxed, more in heaven, more delighted to be pampered.    
They had earned every stroke of the brush, every toe massaged, every relaxed sigh
 and WOW were they loving it!.

Meredith called the lady who was taking care of her, her "artist". 
And boy, this woman painted a MASTERPIECE on Meredith's TOENAILS, for goodness sakes!
This masterpiece was something amazing... so amazing, that Meredith came home from school yesterday exclaiming that she shared her toes at school.  At first, I didn't know what she was telling me, but after some further explanation, I realized that rather than BRINGING something from home to share with the class during sharing time at school, my sweet daughter bared her toes for all of her classmates to see.  Took her tennies and her socks off and did a big reveal.  I can just imagine it.  

What a joy it was to be with my girls
on a Saturday morning.
These moments are the precious, privileged ones 
that being the mama of 3 daughters affords me. 
While they were getting their hands and feet pampered,
my heart felt wrapped up in it's own luxury - the luxury of knowing that
there are many, many more of these experiences to come. 

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  1. "My heart felt wrapped in it's own luxury".. I love that. Can you meet next week or the week after? I'm not sure I have your email address. KB