Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One of my favorite times of the year is when the calendar turns to March.  It means that January and February are behind us, and that the best of the year is comin' round those mountains.  This weekend we talked about vacations and camping and swimming at the pool; I looked through a seed catalog; Patrick made mention of starting to plan his veggie garden.  We are an outdoor kind of family.  That is why I love it when our sweet state of Colorado shows kindness to my winter heart and floods it with hopeful, March sunshine.  Even right now, all of the kids are outside jumping on the tramp soaking up every last ray they can until the sun says goodnight.  It's been a happy kind of day; the kind of day that makes you think you can do anything.  March 1st - An over the rainbow sort of day.   I washed all of the curtains to get the winter dust off.  They smell fresher and look brighter.    The joy of today's calendar flip is not lost on us. Happy March to all!!

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