Wednesday, February 9, 2011

When it snows it pours; at least that what is happening to us this dreary second week of February.  And it just keeps coming from the heavy cloud that has seemed to stop over our house.  It is hovering low,and has unloaded it's showers of stomach sickness, sinus infections, eye dilation, crankiness, exhaustion upon us all.  We have watched many movies, snuggled up in blankets, sucked various flavors of popsicles, sipped many cups of tea, taken lengthy naps, read stories, and slurped several glasses of cold sprite and ginger ale all in attempts of finding some comfort.  Some are searching for relief from physical symptoms, others are looking for ways to be entertained out of their boredom.  I have given up trying to keep the snowy paraphanalia off of the carpet.  Futile attempt indeed. 

The days of missed school are accumulating both because of illness and snow. I've cancelled more activities then we've attended so far this month.   I will be grateful for the time when illness and bad weather both decide to leave for good. In the mean time, I will enjoy the fact that I have not yet succomed to illness.  Boredom... well, I can see it around the corner so I might need to go find something good to read so that doesn't get me down.    

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