Friday, February 4, 2011

My own groundhogs day

Days have passed in unfamiliar ways this week.  Nothing earth shattering has occurred,  it just hasn't been a regular week.  Our normal schedule has been interrupted and shaken up a bit.  I've had kids home sick, we had two snow days that didn't have any snow in them just freezing temperatures, the house has been cold, one of the doggies isn't eating,  I ran out of Diet Pepsi, there hasn't been much mail, the book I'm reading is boring, I don't have any crafty things going on, I've had days with a lot of quiet and not much to do.  Just a weird week, with lots of empty spaces in it.  Empty spaces that I used to be able to fill up with long phone calls with special people, walks around my favorite stores, pages read in anticipation of finishing the next book on the list, fun projects done to use up my creative energy.  I need to get my groove back - hopefully I will find it in this short, cold month of February.  I know it hasn't gone far; I think it's just hibernating for now.  Maybe it saw it's groovy shadow and decided not to come out and play quite yet.  Whatever the reason, I guess I will hang on until it comes back... 


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