Friday, February 18, 2011


The robins have spoken.  Well, actually they have chirped.  They are sitting in our tree in the front yard, taunting Miley (the kitty) with their repetitive announcement... "Spring is coming... Spring is coming... Its, COMING!!!"

Miley is not amused, in case you couldn't tell from the picture.  She either doesn't believe them, or is giving them a look of warning in which to say "Sing while you can, silly birdies!"

In any case, we have thoroughly been enjoying the beautiful respite that we have been receiving from winter.  Colorado is kind like that, you know.  Just when you think you can't take another cold, wet day, the sun peeks out to remind you that she is just taking a nap and hasn't forgotten you.  She showers you with rays of warmth with promises of more to come.

I have been meditating on "HOPE" this week. 

The verse Isaiah 40:31 has been the catalyst
for my thoughts. 
From the Message version of the Bible, the verse goes like this.

"But those who wait upon (hope) God get fresh strength.

They spread their wings and soar like eagles,

They run and don't get tired,

they walk and don't lag behind."

HOPE - it's like a vitamin when taken correctly; like gas in an empty tank; like fuel on a flameless fire; like energy for my tired soul. 
 There are days when that is all it takes for me to change my perspective, a little HOPE. 
HOPE that practice makes perfect.
HOPE that I will reap what I am sowing.
HOPE that the end justifies the means.
and so on and so on....

The weekend is ahead of us and it is mostly unplanned.  

On the agenda is 
a game of golf for Patrick and me, 
a bit of sleeping in for all of us, 
a little bit of sunshine, 
some rest and relaxation
a whole lot of putting our HOPE in the belief
GREAT things

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