Monday, February 14, 2011

All love

 I love

  • smelling the beautiful roses that arrived for me with a card expressing my hubby's love
  • each one of my kiddos even more this Valentines Day than last years
  • that Michael packed up all of his baby books to give to his little baby friend
  • the delicious lunch and encouraging conversation I had with a lifelong friend
  • that all 4 of my kiddies walked the entire 2 miles of the hike that we took yesterday
  • the listening ear of my sweet mother
  • that Patrick has been home for 2 weeks
  • that Meredith is excited to do research on Theodore Roosevelt
  • hearing Marky give advice to Maddie only to hear Maddie say "thanks"
  • that I was blessed enough to hold a 4 month old baby today
  • how warm the weather was and is predicted to be for the next few days
  • that God's grace never runs out,  that He loved me first and that His love doesn't depend on me
Happy Valentines Day!

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