Monday, January 24, 2011

January 25

There is evidence all around me that it is late January.  Remnants of snow that was once white and clean, is now in dirty piles in my yard.  Soggy leaves cover my flower beds, mulching my hibernating plants.  The calendar is empty, the bank account nearly there, Girl Scout cookies have been ordered, and my energy feels gray like the sky overhead. It is about this time in the month that I feel desperate for hot sun and open windows.   And yet, even with it's icy undertones, there are still "happies" to experience with all of us snugged in during the cold, windy days.  Movies to be watched, Christmas presents to be played with, chores left undone over the holidays to catch up on, fireplace to be enjoyed.  Even though January is not my favorite month, I appreciate it's stillness.  Less activity, less expectation, and less planning. Looking at the weeks ahead, we have things like Kindergarten open house for Michael, Marky's first winter youth retreat, Girl Scout activities for Maddie,  the expectation that a tooth is soon to be lost for Meredith.  The stillness is fleeting, and in May I will long for it.  So for now, I will endure what I don't like about January and embrace what I do enjoy.  Thank you for new beginnings, for a new season, a new year, a chance to put somethings behind us and press on with hope to things we know are down the road.  January - it's not all bad.      

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