Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yard not-so-work

I've been "away" all week long.  Away to our garden.  It called to me to get it ready for a garden tour that it has been invited to participate in tomorrow night.  I answered the call to weed, water, transplant,  mulch, dig, plant, weed some more, and between all of the weeding stand back and appreciate the colors and the humble-ness of our little part of the planet.  I love being in the yard.  It is therapeutic for me.  I have had much to think about and pray about and mull over in the past week, and my plants have been the perfect companion for my conversations.  Not once did they tell me I was silly, or too wordy, or too angry or too sad (or wrong!).  Nope - they just listened.  I don't know that I've gotten anything completely figured out, but the yard looks amazing!  It's been so much fun getting ready to have company out in the garden.  The kids and Patrick have helped in so many ways with the preparation.  It has really been a family affair - I sure couldn't have done it by myself.  So tonight we are all going to bed with a few more mosquito bites and a lot more love in our hearts for time spent together and for all of our garden "friends".

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