Friday, July 16, 2010

Book review

I am happy to share with you a book that I just finished called "Shades of Morning, by Marlo Schalesky.
This was a book that I had the pleasure of receiving in the mail, on request that I read it and then blog my review.  What a treat for me, I say!!

This book was outstanding in it's character formation and it's story line.  I identified with the main character, Marnie, and the ways that she was afraid to allow others into her world because of past hurt.  When she is confronted with the situation of having to care for her nephew, Marnie's choices are to do it with a close heart, or an open one.  As the story unfolds, her transition to openness and the love of other's is truly beautiful.  Marlo has written a story that many readers will treasure in their hearts as they interact with the ones that they love in their life.  The easy ones to love, and the hard ones to love.  I was uplifted and encouraged to read about a woman who is unprepared for the task in front of her, and yet by faith she takes each step as it comes to her.  She allows Taylor and Emmit into her world and gets to see big-picture miracles happen.  These miracles change Marnie's mind about God, herself and the gift of love.

Thank you for letting me share with you my thoughts on this wonderful book.  To find more out about Marlo Schalesky, please visit her blog at www.

May you only read HAPPY things!!!

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  1. Thanks so much, Heather! I was so pleased and encouraged to read your review of my book. And if you, or any of your readers are on Facebook, I hope you'll join my author page where we talk about deeper living for everyday people. That's been a really neat place to grow together with readers in our relationships with God.