Sunday, June 20, 2010

A night of nights

June 19th was the day of all days and night of all nights for our sweet Meredith.  Last summer, she was asked to be a flower girl in the wedding of 2 of our family's favorite people - Jason and Sarah, (now Mr. and Mrs. Sifrit).  That's a heckuva long time to wait for something when you are a little girl!!  The day finally arrived - today.  It was a busy, fun day for all of us.  We took 2 cars, the boy's car and the girl's car.  The girl's car had to be at the country club early, the boy's had to be there later (less hair to do!).  I was happy to be in charge of getting the girls to the wedding since I have been looking forward to this event almost as much as Meredith.  Marky and Maddie got to be apart of the "getting ready" scene, and every fun thing that happened was just delicious frosting on the "we're so happy to be here" cake.  We did hair, ate lunch, put on pretty makeup, ooohed and aaahed alot, and... waited for the big moment to arrive.   Miss Meredith did her thing like a pro, very focused on the task before her.  I'm not sure she even spoke one word to the sweet little ring bearer who waited so patiently for her as she meticulously (and slowly!) dropped her flower petals.  She sprinkled them very gracefully, and walked so daintily.  You would have thought she had done this before!  Her beautiful smile accompanied her beautiful dress, (which has been hanging in her closet calling to her for a couple of months).   I was very proud to be the mama to such a sweet little flower girl.  It was hard not to let my mind wander in speculation of future walks down the aisle that we will witness - sniff, sniff.  We wrapped up the festivities by eating yummy food, dancing up a crazy storm , and sending the bride and groom off while waving sparklers.  This day was one that we won't ever forget.  So much love and happiness surrounded us.   We love you Sarah and Jason!!  You mean so much to all of us!!!

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  1. She looked beautiful! Your whole family is adorable:) Have I already told you how much I adore your hair? I think I have:)