Saturday, May 15, 2010

What they're saying...

"Is it time for dinner? Yes or no.
"Are we going to go to Target? Yes or no.
"Will you open the garage for me?"  Yes or no.

I am constantly telling Michael that we are doing something "tomorrow".  So something he says quite often is... "Is today tomorrow?"  or "Is it tomorrow today?"

"Ah, no fair!" (whenever another sibling gets something she wants)

"Okay Mommy, I have 2 questions. 
Number 1...
Number 2..."
"Mommy, I have 2 things to talk to you about.
Number 1...
Number 2...

"Oh yeah, I forgot."
"I'm so glad to be home".

"So, like, you know, like, the other day, like..."

I love seeing how different the kids are.  They each have their own way of making me smile and talking with them, listening to them, observing them... these are my favorite things!!!  They are all so special and fun. 

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