Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend recap

Weekend splendor.  We've had it.  It began on Friday night with a dance recital by the 3 girlies.  They danced so beautifully. It was fun to see what they've learned over the year that they have been in dance.  Meredith with her ballet, Marky and Maddie with their hip-hop.  My heart was filled with mama-pride to watch them dance, knowing that there were nerves, butterflies, and hesitation involoved.  Pushing through performance anxiety, the girls bopped and twirled their dances with joy, enthusiasm and concentration.  It was a beautiful night.

Saturday morning I slept in (yay!), and then we all went to a local nursery to get some plants for the yard.  Patrick had some birthday $$ that we spent on the yard. We had the best time picking out plants, veggies, and flowers for our yard, and then we came home and started putting it all out.  The kids love to help Daddy and I in the yard, getting themselves mixed up in the dirt and grass.  Michael and Maddie especially enjoy being right by our sides, digging and watering quicker than we can give directions.


Saturday evening, the big girls had friends over to play and spend the night.  The girls that came over were such sweeties.  It was really fun to have a house-full of them!!  Michael and Daddy were for sure outnumbered on this night.  Lots of giggles, lots of squeals, lots of late night whispers.  So cute and so fun, and SO MUCH ENERGY!!!  How in the world they stayed up as late as they did... whew.   

The last of our weekend activities was to go see the new Shrek movie.  We saw it in 3D, which cost so much I had a momentary thought of exchanging one of the kids for our tickets.  They wouldn't have it... the kid or the bored, theater employee.  Yowzers!!  The tickets were 8.75 a piece!!  For a 2:00 show!!!  CRAZY.    It was worth it though, to spend time together, I suppose :).  We don't really go to the movies as a family very often, so it was a fun splurge. 

That ties up our fun weekend.  It was nearly perfect.  

 Now on to the last week of school.  Every day is filled with a different activity.  I am going to need to get some extra sleep for all of it!!!  That and maybe some kleenex too.  I never like to see things end.  Weekends or school years.  **big sigh** So thankful to get to spend both with the ones I love so much.

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