Friday, April 16, 2010

It's a bird!

Last week, we got "Flamingoed".  A gaggle (does that apply to flamingos?) of them "landed" as decorations in our front yard.  The purpose of these birdies is to implore you to give money towards a missions trip that two of our neighbor girls (and babysitters) are going with their church youth group this summer.  This is the new way to ask for funding.  In order to get the flamingoes out of your yard, you have to pay.  Problem is, we didn't want them to leave ( we did eventually pay)!!  The kids were so excited to have the birds in our yard.  I think it was the equivalent to being toilet papered in my day - they felt cool.  After 2 days, the birdies flew away and now it's fun to see where else they will land in our neighborhood.

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