Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In the mean time...

For the past month, life has seemed heavy, darker, less like hot pink and more like midnight blue.  I am not a big fan of winter, rather I prefer the green of my pretty trees,  the brightness of my tulips and the hot sun while I read a good book in my beautiful backyard.  The winter has seemed longer this year and it has been a reflection of not just the weather but also the temperature of my heart.  I've experienced the sadness of death, the inconvenience of injury, the suffering in unplanned difficulties, the heartache of pain in relationships, the burden of loneliness.  And yet, I keep moving towards LIFE - the Easter of this long winter. I don't keep moving because it's easy.  I'm stumbling along because I have to beleive that God is still here and He knows me and all of the afore mentioned portions of my life.   He is everything - He can  resurrect beauty, peace and joy.  I know that God is enough and He is sovereign.  I believe that He loves us and that in ALL things, He is working out His good plan for my life.  That is what FAITH is for me - when I don't feel it, when I can't see it, when I am unable to find it - I continue to believe that God's goodness still IS. Today, through swollen eyes and a tired but believing heart, I look for Him. For His blessings.   And I will give thanks for what is.  

In the mean time, 
I am enjoying...

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