Friday, April 23, 2010

a fun Friday

Last Friday, we had a day off from school.  The girls, Grandma O. and I decided that we would drive to Denver to welcome American Girl to Colorado.  We have been so excited to go to the new AG store, planning our visit for weeks!!  The girls had money, enthusiasm, and excitement!!  Michael was supposed to go to a friend's house to play all day because he didn't want to go to a "girlie store" (his words), but he had a fever and a bad cough, so he had to accompany us.  The dolls were dressed, the girls outfitted to match, and we headed south.  It was the best day.  Yummy lunch, good company, mostly happy hearts, and great anticipation for what the store would be like.  I couldn't believe how well behaved Michael was - we were in the AG store for over an hour and he just strolled along with us, never complaining or whining.  With money in hand, everyone had choices to make and wishes to fulfill.  Each of them came away with something new for their dollies and plans for another trip very soon.  We made a stop into a book store to reward Michael with a new book.  He actually chose a couple of new puzzles - that is his favorite thing right now.  He did "eeny, meeny miney mo" to make his choice -ADORABLE!!  I was actually thrilled that he went with us.  It made the trip even more fun.  I love being with all of my kiddos.  They are the best bunch ever.    

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