Monday, March 1, 2010

sleeping arrangements

With only 3 of us home, and all of us being sick with some ailment, this has been the way that we have slept the last few nights.  It's easier for me to have these 2 close by during the night.  It's been quite a time, these last few days (and nights),  but we're getting through it. 
Last night before falling to sleep between these 2 little ones, I was praying for the other 3 members of our family and realized that even though often times we are all in 3 different places, 
 last night we were actually  in  
3 different STATES. 
Wyoming, Colorado, and South Dakota. 
It's a good thing my God can be EVERYWHERE at once and can take care of all of us,
no matter where we all are. 
For now, I will just keep praying... and 

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