Saturday, March 27, 2010

A loose bull and little-boy lottery winners

I got a call from the Larimer County Sheriffs department yesterday afternoon reporting that there was a loose bull running around in our neighborhood, and that people were advised to stay inside their homes.  To be safe. From a bull.  Mmmm... Yes, it was random and very unpredicatable.  The fun surprises of being at home during the day.

Thursday afternoon, Michael got the pleasure of having one of the big boys down the street come over and play with him.  His buddy Xalen was also here.  Harrison is 10 and in Michael and Xalen's eyes he is THE BOMB.  He only comes over to play when the other big boys in the neighborhood are gone.    The winning ticket for Michael was when I gave him the okay to have his friends come inside and play.  I heard Michael say to Harrison "Do you want to come see my room?" The boys ran upstairs.  Michael then said, "Harrison, see how cool it is?  Look at my rug.  That's where my cars go."  I was thankful that Harrison did see how cool it was.  Then Michael asked both of his pals if they wanted something to eat, and said to Harrison, "If you need anything, you can ask my mom."  The stars in Michael's eyes were big and bright as could be.  He was proud of his room, his toys, and so happy to have his friends at his house.  He was the perfect host, making sure his guests were comfy and taken care of.  My heart was swelling and my eyes were tearing.  I wanted to go up and kiss him and hug him and tell him how proud I was of his manners and his heart but I have a feeling that might have ruined his image.  It was the equivalent of winning the lottery to my sweet boy, having these boys play in his room.  So simply pleased.   

I'm so happy that it's Saturday.  We are all together and have fun plans waiting for us.  I need to be with my family, making good memories on this last weekend of March.  I can't wait!!

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