Friday, February 19, 2010


 I am thankful that it's Friday.  I have pink-eye, thanks to my sweet Meredith bringing it home from school.  I'm ready for the weekend and for the text from Daddy that says he is on is way home from DIA.    I just finished up a haircut, and now I've promised myself that I am taking the rest of the day "off".  That is going to include reading a great book that I got from my sister for Valentine's Day, a nap, and a trip to Target where I am going to spend $20 on something that I do not need.  Just to make my itchy eyes feel better.  I will probably get my kids a little treat to thank them for putting up with their mama, who has been a tad cranky and a little preoccupied with herself this week (more than usual!).  They are so tolerant and patient with me; they are so understanding and give me so much grace for the times that I don't show up in the right places with the right words or the right heart.  For the rest of the day I will  put all that I didn't do correctly this week behind me, and spend the time hugging and snuggling and kissing.  I will ask them to forgive me for  my "human mommy" mistakes, and promise to try harder and to pray and smile more.  My kids are the best and are always generous in grace and mercy towards me.  What a gift they are and such a beautiful reminder of my Heavenly Father's heart towards me.   I love them so.

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