Sunday, February 28, 2010


This week ...

THE BAD - Pink eye returned, stomach bug, unexpected travels away from home (for the big girls), loads of laundry (thank you stomach bug), gray skies, pimples, cold temps, Patrick MIA, sleepless nights, coughing and more coughing (me), running out of $$ to pay anymore babysitters, the dogs smell, the carpets are so dirty.

THE GOOD -   my washing machine and dryer that can wash HUGE loads, Patrick's job, my job, Maddie got her book report finished (on time), my mom's prayers, paper plates, while picking up dog poop in the backyard I discovered a few tulips coming up, grace, snuggly sheets, great babysitters, frozen pizza,  last day of February, diet Pepsi, Mexican corn chowder, chats with friends and sisters, hope of Jesus and spring. 

Some days I have to make the choice what to focus on the most.  This week has been like that. 
Good or bad.  I haven't been able to pick which has happened, but I can pick which one I will focus on.  And really, the bad hasn't been all that bad, and the good has been really good. 
 For now all I can say is...


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  1. I love the February pictures, especially the red yarn. You remind me every day to count my blessings!