Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tonight, it's Maddie's turn

Patrick has been out of town since last Monday.  That doesn't mean, however, that his side of the bed has been empty.  The first couple of nights, the little ones slept with me because their bedrooms were so cold.  Even with space heaters, in seems like the unisulated second story bedrooms just are frigid.  This also could be an excuse so I don't have to admit that I was lonely. My big girls have been away from home for 4 nights and nearly 5 days.  An eternity in mama hours.  They came home safe and sound, but tired and really needing some TLC.  It is a deficiency that will take a few days to make up.  We started the make up process with a special McDonalds picnic for dinner, and closed down the night with lots of hugs and kisses. Tonight, Maddie is snuggling up in bed with me - she needed a turn, and even with a king size bed, she's pretty close to me.  My heart is nearly satisfied knowing  all 4 kiddos are home.  Now we just need to get daddy back home.  A few more days and that will happen.

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