Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nothing much is going on...

at least here at our house, nothing much is going on.  It's hard to hear about all of the suffering in Haiti, the jobs lost in our city, the pain and turmoilof so many.  I can only do so much, I can only hear so much. There are days when it's just too overwhelming to think about.  So, I go get my nails done, or run into Target to sort of escape the reality that life hurts and hardship is constantly knocking on our doors.  When it's all around me, I get depressed, worried, anxious.  So, I have to pray which isn't a bad thing.  It's great to have things that turn me to the Father.  I forget that I can turn to Him in gratitude and thanksgiving as well.  Somedays I only turn to Him for help. Its always a wonderful thing to just come into the Lord's presence for rest and peace.  I don't do it enough.

Michael has been sick with a fever for the past few days.  I don't know what is causing the fever, but he most certainly isn't himself.  I am wondering and worried.  If it continues, we will take a trip to the doctor.

I was given the most awesome opportunity to speak for MOPS 2 times this week.  It is one of my favorite organizations, AND one of my favorite things to do.  I love encouraging mothers and I love expounding on what God is teaching me.  It is rewarding to have a MOPS coordinator call me and ask what I can speak on... "Well, I am learning this right now" I say... it's so timely and so applicable.  I get to speak from my heart and from what is current in my home.  I pray that I am humble and approachable and easy to listen to.  I never want to come to them from a place of arrival, but I want to show them that I am talking to them from my experiences as recent as the day before.  I hope for many more opportunities.  It is such a 2-way blessing!  

Last night, I went out for drinks with a neighbor of mine.  She called to say that she and a few of her girlfriends were getting together, would I come, , and I just said YES!!!  I was nervous because I've only ever just chatted with her at the mail box, but I was feeling a little "Friend-lonely", and so I thought, "well, what the heck!!  I"ll go."  I was excited and anxious all in one, but it turned out to be a fun night.  We weren't out that late (not like with my regular girlfriends) but it was fun to meet some new gals and have a margarita.

Today was the first Saturday since about Halloween that didn't have many plans.  I slept in a little, and just enjoyed taking it easy.  Meredith had a birthday party and while she was there I went to my favorite yarn shop.  Boy, it was a delightful couple of hours.  Yarn and fibers filled my thoughts as my imagination went to all of the projects that I could make.  Then I cam back to reality and just bought enough to make 2 things.  I've never made anything that really took a long time.  Maybe one shawl (it didn't turn out that great), but I'm excited to make this lap blanket.  There was a sample made up in the shop - soft, confy, beautiful.  I think that it's a project I will be able to handle.  I can't wait to start it!!!

Meredith has taken up the habit of biting her fingernails.  UUUGGGGHHH.  Of all of the gross habits that kids could have, this is one of the MOST gross ones for me.  BLECK.  I have told her that if she will stop this I will buy her a new pair of shoes.  What girl in her right mind would rather chew on her fingers instead of getting a new pair of shoes????  I have told her she can have ANY shoes that she wants!  She is on board... for the most part... she had a minor setback last week.  Today she asked me if I would reward her with shoes if her toenails were long.  OH, shes' a smart cookie, that girlie.

So, really, not much is going on.  Just life.  And it's a good life.  Praise Jesus.  He cares for us all and keeps us all going.  If it weren't for the HOPE that I have in HIM, I don't know where I would be.  January... sigh... at least it doesn't last forever.    

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