Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

We celebrated our Christmas holiday a little earlier this year, and boy was it fun!!! Santa arrived on Christmas Eve, we opened all of our presents, we attended church, enjoyed yummy meals with Grandma and Poppop Oman, played with our new toys, AND relaxed!!! Some holidays, I have great sadness over whats missing when our entire family isn't together, but this year has been different. When our big girls left yesterday, I kissed them and knew that it was just going to be a "little minute" until we saw them again. It was ok. I pray for them while they are away from us, which keeps them close to my heart; this afternoon they will come back home, and we will celebrate Christmas together with dinner at my mom's house. It is a tradition in the Oman family to have breakfast together on Christmas Eve; since we were opening gifts yesterday in the morning, we instead, had lunch with Grandma and Poppop. We went to IHOP and enjoyed a delicious lunch together.

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