Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Special Day

We do this thing at our house every month.

We've been doing it for about 2 years now.  
We almost never forget.
On the day of the month of your birthday, (did that make sense?) it is your special day.  
The rules are that
  1. You get to pick what's for dinner
  2. You get the "it's your special day" plate
  3. Everyone goes around the table and tells you one reason that they love you.
It has really become such a fun things that we do, and we truly all look forward to our own special day.

Well,  one 3rd of the month, which is Meredith's special day, we were going around the table, gracing her with our many accolades and when we were finished, she said that she was going to tell what SHE loved about HERSELF.   At first we all chuckled at the idea of "only Meredith would give herself accolades," but then I thought... What a great idea!!  A day every month to tell yourself  something that you love about YOURSELF.  

It has been several months now since Meredith introduced her idea, and we try to remember 
(those of us who aren't 5 and precocious as all get out) to add ourselves to the list of who's turn it is next to compliment the honored family member.  It has made our special day celebrations even that much more exciting.  Today was the 3rd, so Meredith jumped right in exclaiming without any inhibitions what she loves about herself.  She doesn't even need a reminder that it's her turn.  

It's such a great idea.  
We all could use a little more "self-love".
I hope that we do it forever, saying nice things about ourselves... and others.  

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