Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Meet Max

Call it craziness, call it compassion, call it loony, call it what you will but I have added a new member to our family. His name is Max and he is a cute little doggie that I brought home from the humane society a couple of weeks ago. I saw his little picture on their website and just thought that he looked to cute to not live with us. Everyone (well mostly) agrees with me. Michael calls him "the new doggy". Max follows me around everywhere I go, licks anything his short tongue can reach, already is familiar with where he gets food and goes potty, chews, chews, and chews some more. He has gotten out of the backyard once, chased the kitty a few times, introduced himself to Molly in ways that only male dogs can, been challenged by Molly several times, but has generally been accepted into the Henricks family.

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