Monday, September 28, 2009

Countdown to Eco-week

It is a tradition in our school district to attend eco-week as a 5th grader (well 6th grader until they did "the big middle school changeover") and we are on the countdown to it. We have been...

  • informed (2 hour meeting with the teachers/chaperones)
  • warned (kids and parents had to sign a behavior contract)
  • fore-warned (prepare for snow, long walks and tired kids returning home )
  • lectured (please follow the rules EXPLICITLY - meaning don't call because you miss your 5th grader - laid out in the 10 pages of handouts that you have to sign)
  • charged ( $110.00 thank you very much - per child??? HUH????)

BUT... I don't know if I am PREPARED???? She is only 10 years old!!! It seems like a long ways from home ( approximately 2 1/2 hours) and with STRANGERS!! Well, teachers, and classmates, and friends. So maybe not so bad, but still... I am a little bit anxious and a ton excited for Marky to go to Pingree Park. Marky is a planner and so she really wants to start packing. She has been wearing her new hiking boots, breaking them in. She is SO excited. I asked her who her roommates were and she named her 5 bffs, who also are SO excited. What MORE could a 10 year old want, 2 nights and 3 days aways with these special girlfriends!!??? 9 days and counting...

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