Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trying to breathe

I am sitting outside on the deck, enjoying a few restful minutes while the little ones try to squeeze a few more minutes out of this day before I say it's time for bed. How can it be that those words represent my favorite words of the day and yet are the kids' least favorite words of the day? Strange. I can hear the rhythmic chant of the metronome coming from the high school behind us as the marching band practices for their upcoming season. Earlier in the day, I heard the school bells as they were being tested. Today has been one of those days that I would have paid large sums of money to the school district to start school early. Everyone is ready... most of all this mama. There was fighting, fighting, more fighting, some name calling, lots of tears and the inevitable spanking. When Patrick got home from work, the 2 little ones were the only kiddos home and they were both crying (more like screaming) about something. He asked me "Has it been like this all day long?" I nodded and said, "Yes, except it was X4!" I know that there are teachers out there who are trying to keep the school buses in their beds, but lucky for me the calendar must not be messed with and school will begin on Wednesday!!! WHOOHOO!!! We still have some birthday parties going on this weekend and we have plans to try to make it to the pool once more, but the school supplies are in the bags and the first-day outfits have been chosen. I was telling the big girls today about the first-day-of-school=eve that my sister Lisa and I slept in our clothes for the next day and tried to lay flat on our backs very still so that we didn't mess our hair up. How CUTE were WE! ???!! Summer has been delightful. We have spent good time with family and friends, and we have made wonderful memories. I have gotten to read a lot and decorate in the house a lot - 2 of my favorite things. I feel like even though the summer has been busy, it has also been restful. The word "balanced" keeps entering my mind as I look at the past 10 weeks. At the beginning of June, I really wanted to try to breathe more. In all honesty, I do believe that I did just that. Now I hope that I can carry a restful spirit into the even more busier time of school. Three kids in school... WOW!!! I just can't wait to see how this year turns out! As long as I remember to breathe, like I tried to do this summer, I think we will all be just fine.

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