Saturday, July 11, 2009

Celebrating our marriage

Yesterday was Patrick's and my 6th wedding anniversary. A few weeks ago, Patrick took over the task of finding something for us to do for a celebration and he hit the jackpot!! We went to a really wonderful hotel in downtown Denver called "Hotel Manaco". It was very luxurious complete with Aveda (one of my favs!) skin care products. After checking in, we walked over to Larimer Square and had dinner at an amazing mexican restaurant called "Tamayo". It was probably the best food I have ever eaten... at least before I had brunch this morning. Last night, we sat out on the roof of the restaurant, enjoying the nightlife of Denver and the sprinkling of rain by God. We sat under an umbrella and so we were able to stay and enjoy the atmosphere. It was truly beautiful watching the sky and being together. We talked about all that we've done in our 6 years of marriage; we talked about some things that we want to do this year. There was laughter, conversation, remembering, and some satisfying silence - it was perfect. After a wonderful, uninterrupted night's sleep, we stumbled upon a little restaurant called "Parallel 17" and had the most incredible brunch. I could not believe that the food on my plate had been made by mere human hands. It was to DIE for. It was blueberry. walnut and romano cheese stuffed french toast, coated in a cornflake crust. With syrup. And whip cream. And blueberry sauce. Oh my goodness - it made Patrick's biscuits and gravy (which he was drooling over) envious that they were just plain old biscuits and gravy. I seriously haven't ever eaten anything that tasted like this. I loved it so much I wanted to marry it... that would have been awkward though. After our yummy brunch, we drove to the old part of Denver down by the Botanical gardens. We were going to tour those, but decided instead just to take a nice long walk. We ooed and aahed at the amazing mansions, commenting on the old perennial gardens that create such beauty aorund these old structures. The time together celebrating and sharing was wonderful. Looking back to the difficult, yet much needed, life overhaul that happened in the years before I met Patrick, I see God's hand in our meeting and our union. God knew that I needed a man who would commit to me, challenge me, support me, accept me and my 2 children and love me with true love. God blessed me with a man of strong character, mature and Godly worldviews, and un-moveable principles; things I hadn't known before in marriage. These last 6 years have been written on my heart as years of restoration - the restoration of my heart with the gift of real love. The love of God through the gifts of Patrick and my children - all 4 of them. Love that surpasses even blueberry stuffed french toast. My dearest husband, if there was no one else on earth but you, I would want to be right by your side, paddling the rivers of life with you. Thank you for being the most amazing partner and "lottery winner" a girl could have. You are everything I want and never knew I always needed. You have made our corner of the world the best place to be.

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  1. Heather,
    I think that God has grown a beautiful Godly women through the trials and the new journey that you accepted 6years ago!!! Happy Anniversary!
    Love you,