Monday, July 6, 2009

Blue Cow and Wilco

Patrick and I had a date on Friday night. I've posted way too many pictures about it, but I was just so excited that we were on a date that I had to capture the moment!! Actually, we were at a pretty incredible place too, so we needed pictures of that. Our date consisted of a drive out of town to a concert at Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. We ate dinner at a cute little cafe called "The Blue Cow" on the main street of Morrison. The town was very quaint and sat on the banks of a river. The food was outstanding!! Best burger I've ever eaten along with some of the tastiest sweet potato fries - YUMMY!!! Marky and Maddie were at the Rockies game with their cousins and grandparents and so we watched the game on a tv above our sweat, hoping (with no luck) to catch a glimpse of their cute faces. After dinner, we made our way over to the concert. "Wilco" was the group that we were there to hear and they were SO great! I only recognized one of their tunes, but this is a favorite band of Patrick's so he was familiar with their music. Other than the herbal remedies that were being smoked all around us and a guy who threw up his dinner in front of us, the concert was amazing. The amphitheater is in a beautiful location overlooking the city of Denver - we could see the downtown area, where the Rockies play, off in the distant so that was kind of cool knowing that the big girls were there. It was so much fun to have a night away and be with my guy - I kind of like him, you know - and it was great to be together on our date!

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