Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We are SO excited that we have 2 visitors at our house this week. My sister Lisa and her daughter Lauren are here until Thursday. We have talked of NOTHING else for the last week!!! Meredith has been SO excited because it is her first "sleepover" (Lauren is sleeping in her room.) The only thing that has been brought up more than their visit is the fact that Ashley was NOT coming. "WHY NOT?", asked Michael... all day, every day... Even when we were on the way to the airport yesterday Michael said with hope, "Maybe Ashley will be with Aunt Lisa." As much as we are missing my other 3 nieces (who are at church camp), we are completely happy that Lauren and Lisa are here. We've had silly times and good times and I am looking so forward to every minute that is coming up. I had to pinch myself this morning that they were actually here. Michael's first words this morning were "Where's Aunt Lisa?" He is smitten...again...

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