Wednesday, June 3, 2009

He says the cutest things

 Michael is 3 years old and he delights me daily with all of the cute things that he says.  Some days I remember to record them in some way, but unfortunately some of them I don't remember past that very day. That saddens me, but I am hopeful that somewhere in my mind, hidden underneath all of the frantic busyness of the present day,  the memory of Michael's 3 year old vocabulary will be close enough to recall in days down the road.  A couple of his latest goodies are: 

  • when we were camping last week, the park rangers were in their cars/trucks patrolling the park that we were camping in.  They had lights on the tops of their vehicles, which drew Michael's attention, and he asked what they were.  We said rangers, but he interpreted it "stranger" and so that is what he called them... "Strangers".  Whenever he saw them coming, he would announce that "the strangers are coming".
  • "Can I have a yoyo, mommy?"  (He meant an Oreo)

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