Monday, June 8, 2009

The 11 year plan

I am officially finished with being a MOPS leader.  I have been involved in MOPS as a leader for 11 years in various positions, and now I have completed the journey that I started when I first became a MOP.  At that time, I had no idea the places that MOPS  would take me.  I have learned so much about myself, about being a leader, about being a mom, about being a friend.  Many of my girlfriends are relationships that I made through my MOPS group. I have gotten parenting ideas, had opportunities way beyond my abilities, and met people that I might otherwise not have through MOPS.   It is such an amazing ministry that meets such basic needs in a mom's life.  There is a satisfaction in my heart knowing that God has brought me to the finish line 11 years later, for His reasons.  I'm a little unsure about what's next, but I've felt the Lord urging me to be more careful with my time, my life and how I spend both of those.  For me, being more careful really means slowing down long enough to pay more attention to my home, my kids, my husband, my family, myself.  So for the time being my "unsure-ness" is leading me to wait.  Wait for what is next, all the while realizing that what is next might just be more of what I already have right now.  

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