Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

This past weekend was spent at my parent's "get-away" home in Haxtun, Colorado. For the average girl, this might not be such a great place "get away" to, but for me it was a wonderful trip because this home is where my grandparents used to live when I was a little girl. My parents have fixed the place up, but it still maintains much of the character and charm from yester-year. Every once in a while, as I was making my way around the house, I would bump into a memory that would take me back to being the ages of MY children. I was expecting my Grandpa to walk around the corner all the while smelling a phantom pot roast that my Grandma might have been cooking for dinner. Because I live in the same city as my folks, I haven't ever spent the weekend at their house as an adult. Especially with my kids. I haven't eaten breakfast at my mom's table since I was 20. I've been missing something, because it was a lovely breakfast that she served! We were all very happy to be there and our weekend just couldn't have been better. The invisible presence of my grandparents mixed with various childhood memories made my sentimental heart go pitter pat. We went to the park, just like I did when I was young; the creaks in the floor sounded just as they sounded 30 years ago; I got the same excited butterflies in my tummy as we approached the town of Fleming, just miles down the road from Haxtun. I was so happy to spend the weekend with my kids and hubbie, as well as my parents. The only thing that would have been better is to have shared the time with my brother and sisters, remembering days of hide and seek and wall walking. I wonder what things would have snuck into their memory banks as they walked around the house and the town. The final touch to the weekend was getting pulled over by 1 of the 2 Haxtun po-po for not coming to a full and complete stop at 1 of 10 stop signs in Haxtun. For pity's sake... Fortunately, the officer was compassionate and only issued Patrick a warning. On the way home, we had an adventure sneaking into a community center in Stoneham so that we could relieve several kiddies who had to go potty - it was nasty, but available so we went for it. All in all, my Mother's Day was full of so many blessings. We sincerely can't wait to go back.

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