Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'd NEVER do that!

Today , Michael and I were in the car and he announced... 'I have to go potty... NOW... mama!" I told him he needed to hold it for just a second. He told me... "It's just dripping a little". Oh boy, I thought... what am I going to do:? Well, I did something I thought I would NEVER do. I stopped 

by a park, and let Michael go potty IN THE PARKING LOT!! I never thought that I WOULD EVER do anything like this. Truthfully it would have been too much to try with any of the girls with the pulling down the pants, making sure you didn't get anything on you, that whole squatting business, no - way too much work. BUT with a boy... WOW, it's WAY EASY!!!! So, after Michael finished "peeing at the park" (fun fun!!) we got into the car and he said after a few minutes.... "Mama? Can I go poop in the park?" And I said, "Oh no, honey, we never go poop outside". And he said, "Well cows do!" To which I replied, "But you aren't a cow", and he said "Yes, I am!" OH NO - What have I DONE?????

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