Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First summer activity

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we went on a camping trip up to Hermit Park. This is a place where I went camping as a kid, and I love going there with my family. We hiked, ate hotdogs and banana boats and Ashley's Hobo packets, played Scrabble, read, slept, ate s'mores, walked, picked flowers, built a fort, climbed trees, had pinecone wars, and played until we were all tired out. I was amazed at how well everyone slept and ate. This was the first camping trip where we didn't have any diapers to change and it was glorious! None of us loved the outdoor potty (Meredith and Mommy especially), but even that went ok because we brought the little potty chair. The weekend was very special as we spent time talking about our summer plans and enjoying every moment that we had together. It was a perfect beginning to summer 2009!

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