Wednesday, April 8, 2009

All over the place...

I've watched 2 movies in the past few days. I do that when Patrick is out of town. He's not much for movie watching, so his absence gives me a chance to catch up on my list of the movies that I want to watch. One of the movies was "Seven Pounds" and the other one was "Yes Man." I didn't really like the first one, but I loved the second. Jim Carrey is in "Yes Man"; ( and he looks like Patrick a little bit I think); Zoey Daschenel (sp?) is in it too. They are both so funny and I needed a laugh after watching "Seven Pounds". THAT movie was HEAVY!!! I'm glad that I watched it because I wondered what the hype about it was all about, but it wasn't a favorite.

The weather here today was so nice. I love all of the tulips that are peeking their heads up out of the ground. I can't wait to cut a few and bring them inside. They are so expensive to buy at the store but there is nothing better than a vase of tulips as a centerpiece. A friend of mine told me a tip last night... if you put a penny in the water that you put the tulips in the stems will stay firm and straight. What do you know!! I haven't tried it yet, but I trust my friend!!!

I haven't gotten the girls anything new to wear for Easter. Mmmm... I wonder if I will be able to. Maybe Saturday we will have a chance to get to the store. I got Michael the cutest outfit ever; not that he will care or even want to wear it. He is really into his jammies lately. The other day I got some clothes out for him and he started to whine and cry and said "But I don't want to wear cute clothes." Like father, like son I guess!!!

Michael has a new favorite food - green olives. Crazy, huh!! He LOVES black olives, but over the past week he has decided that he likes green ones too. Tonight I wasn't going to get the olives out, and he stood at the fridge and asked me over and over to get them out. I kept saying no, and he said, "But mommy! It's olive day today". Too funny!!!

Marky got to go to Denver on Monday for a field trip to the capital. She was so excited for her field trip. She starting planning out what she was going to wear on the trip the Friday before. Like mother like daughter, hmmmmm...

Maddie has another presentation on Friday. She is studying Greek mythology and she had to research a greek goddess (her assigned subject is Persephone), write a paper on her, and then pretend to be her (in costume) while she reads her paper. My goodness.... the paper is written and the costume is made. She just has to practice it now. I don't think that I did anything quite this in depth until about 7th grade... I'm just saying...

Meredith's favorite outfit these days is a cheerleader costume. I don't know why. I mentioned to her that we were going to try to go get Easter dressess and she told me that she wanted to "be a cheerleader for Easter". I tried to explain to her that we weren't getting a costume, that you didn't play dress up for Easter, that you just dressed up... we were just looking for a pretty dress... she didn't get it and kept insisting that it was a costume that we needed to get for the holiday. We'll see how that ends up!

I'm so thankful for my sweet kiddos. They make my life interesting and happy.

So, that's that... all of it... for now.

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