Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We are sick at our house. It has been an incredibly yucky few days. My guess is that we have the flu... the real, live flu for which we declared we did not need shots against this fall. At least that is how Patrick tells it because HE got a flu shot. Hmmmm... Next year, you can be sure that we are ALL going to be getting flu shots. Having the flu has made me:

  • crave Fresca and chicken soup
  • go to Walgreens in my pajamas
  • not take a shower for 3 days (I have taken plenty of baths to try to get warm so I think I am clean?)
  • not do the laundry all week long
  • nap without feeling guilty
  • not clean anything, except the kitchen
  • let the kids watch movies all day long, unless they are napping
  • SO thankful that I am very rarely this sick
Hopefully the next time you hear from me, the flu will have left our house. Until then, cheers to a healthy you! ( with my Fresca.)

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