Saturday, March 21, 2009


Ok... it's 11:15 on Saturday night. About an hour ago I went and checked on the kids and just happened to look outside the front window. Mr. Fox was in the front yard, standing on our little walk-way. I opened the front door to scare him and threw a rock at him. He chased the rock as if he were a dog. So, I just went to the back door to check the lock, and what do I see? MR. FOX IS SLEEPING ON OUR DECK!!! This is FREAKING me out!!! The fox is just laying on the deck. WHAT??? This is just too weird. I know it's just a fox not a lion, but it is just a little to strange for this city girl to have a wild animal snoozing 15 feet from her bedroom window. Now THAT is a reason not to sleep. Sigh... Mr. Fox sure doesn't seem to mind. This is just ALL I need. Lord, help me!

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