Monday, February 9, 2009


Michael had a potty training victory today!  Even though he was sick for the better part of the day, he had a great day in the bathroom.  EVERYTHING went in the potty, like it was supposed to.  EVERYTHING! I was so excited for him because this meant that he got the nerf dart gun that he has been longing for.  It has sat on the kitchen counter for more than a week, awaiting this very day!  He has been SO happy playing with it; so has everyone else.  When the big girls got home from school, they saw him playing with the gun and immediately knew what that meant. They praised and congratulated him, gave him lot's of "that's a good boy!" -  it was so wonderful to see their wholehearted delight in his success!  It's these types of ordinary days with ordinary events about ordinary stuff that ties the 6 of us to each other - the poop, the barf, the tears, the laughs, the grumpys, the happys, the trying, the failing, the sharing, the fighting, the forgiving, the snuggles.  It's all important - it's all good, even when it's bad.   

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