Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Our weekend away was very relaxing. We did a lot of reading, watched some movies, took naps, and just enjoyed the time away from the "everyday". The kids were at home with our sweet babysitter Sarah and her boyfriend. We are so blessed to have someone that we feel comfortable leaving the kids with. Otherwise, we wouldn't ever have the opportunity to be away from them. Actually we have more than one babysitter that we could leave the kids with so we feel double blessed in that respect. The weather today has been exceptionally warm again! I have been making some plans for a new flower garden in the backyard and the nice weather has got me wanting to get on it! I have some rock to move before I plant anything so I could start that anytime. I love thinking about new things for the yard as well as looking for particular plants to start showing their leaves after their winter hibernation. Most years, I can see some of my snow drop plants as early as February or early March. I can't wait! Michael and I have been enjoying lots of one on one time in the bathroom over the last few days. This potty training thing is more about patience training for me. Uggghhh. It's not easy, but than it's never been an easy thing. My only consolations are that the other 3 did eventually "get it" and that he is my last one to walk down this road with. We have had 2 very successful days, and for that I am extremely thankful. Today I bought a little nerf dart gun as a useful bribery and a shameless incentive to have him go pooper doopers in the potty . The gun will stay in the package until he accomplishes this goal - he isn't very happy about that. It might help if he caught the vision for this particular part of the potty training project and made this his OWN goal. We'll just see how badly he wants his toy! So around here we have potty fever and spring fever. What a strange combination!

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