Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

 It has been a snowy and cold Colorado day of love. We have been together all day long, loving on each other, (and fighting with each other!) making memories together as we celebrated Valentine's Day.  I wanted today to be all about Marky, Maddie, Meredith and Michael.  I was thrilled when I looked at the calendar a month or so ago and realized that we would all be together for the holiday/weekend.  I determined then (as only a mom would!) that we would make the most of this day, and WE HAVE!!!  This morning, we all went to "Lowes" to participate in their "kid's building project".  The kiddos got to make a jewelry box with a heart on it.  After that, we went to the movies and saw "Hotel for Dogs".  It was fabulous!!  Definitely worth going to  - even for grown-ups!  Lunch at McAllisters followed, where the kids shoveled mac & cheese in their mouths as if they hadn't eaten for days.  (Actually Meredith woke up sick yesterday so she hadn't eaten anything in a day.) We then moved on to taking care of Grandma Oman's kitty, and the chore of Sams.  That store is just not my favorite place.  it is a necessary evil and I am thankful for some of what it provides, but it is just SO much work - shopping, paying, pushing the heavy carts, watching out for ALL of the swarms of fellow Saturday shoppers, putting the groceries away - all of it is just A LOT!  After we had accomplished all of those tasks, we had a scavenger hunt; the kids had lots of treats and treasures hidden around the house for them to find with clues to guide them.  They had so much fun trying to find everything.  Even Michael got into it!  They were so excited to collect their treasures and figure out what each of the clues meant.  Later, Daddy made supper for us all, including cupcakes,  and he and Michael surprised all of us girlies with beautiful roses and chocolate.  What a fun treat!!  We finished the day off with some reading of our book (we're almost done!) and a "Princess" movie.  It's been a full day and a wonderful day, spent with those that I love most of all.   

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