Thursday, February 19, 2009

A good day

I really like Thursday.  It is one of my favorite days of the week.  Today was a great Thursday.  Mostly, we were home all day long.  I cleaned and did laundry, sewed a little, and Meredith and Michael had 2 friends come over in the afternoon.  Even though there were 2 extra kids in the house, there wasn't any fighting (at least sibling fighting) that I had to get involved in  so it was worth having their friends over.  Lately, on Thursday afternoons, we have been "borrowing" my friend Susan's grandma as a new friend of ours.  "Miss Betty" is in her 80s, and lives in a retirement home.  She is such a sweet lady and Marky and Maddie  enjoy reading to her and talking with her.  Michael and Meredith look forward to playing with the bin of toys in Miss Betty's room, and we all look forward to making her smile with our visit.  It has been the best way to spend an hour on a Thursday.  We hope that Miss Betty never tires of our visits.  Tonight the little ones and I went to the gym (working on those 5 pounds!) and now we're home just chilling out. Patrick is in town, but is really busy with a project at work so he hasn't been home yet tonight - my encouragement to "work like a woman" has not yet proven to be fruitful - could be a long night at the office for poor Patrick.  The weekend coming up is promising to be amazing.  This Saturday, speaker and writer Angela Thomas is coming to our church for a women's event.  I get to be apart of the event on Saturday, but the AWESOME thing is that I get to go to dinner with the planning team and Angela on Friday night.  I can't believe that I get to go, and I am SO grateful and excited!!  I think that it is going to be such a fun weekend.  Well, it's a happy night here in my clean house.  I love enjoying how hard I work during the day; it is insanely rewarding.  Pretty soon I will be saying TGIF!!!  Nighty night.

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