Friday, February 6, 2009


I had the most delightful conversation with Marky yesterday. It made me want to take some time off from being her mom and just be her friend. She would be a cool friend. At 10 years old, she is really coming into her own as a person. She is intelligent, observant, kind, loyal, wise, resourceful, literal - these are some of the qualities that I have noticed developing in her over the past few months. Here is our conversation:

  • Marky - "Alyssa has to have 2 cavities filled"
  • Mommy - "Oh wow - did you tell her about your experience - that it isn't going to be as bad as she thinks it might be?"
  • Marky - "No, my advice wouldn't help her. I just kept quiet. Besides she's tough - she'll be ok".

I was really impressed with how Marky knew what to say and what NOT say it to her friend. Too often I just give my 2 cents without even thinking about whether the person I'm talking to needs it, or wants it. Marky is certainly wise beyond THIS mama's years. I am so pleased she is my daughter.... and my friend.

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