Thursday, January 8, 2009

The week so far...

  • Maddie got to take 2 favorite stuffed animals and her favorite snack to school for a special classroom activity
  • Mommy went out for dinner with Grandma Oman at a yummy mexican restaurant
  • Michael got blown over by the strong wind that we had yesterday
  • Meredith wore something other than her purple dress to school
  • Mommy finished a really great book
  • Daddy hasn't traveled since the middle of December
  • Michael and Mommy went to the library
  • Michael played with his favorite friend Giovanni
  • Marky babysat Michael and Meredith while Mommy went to school to pick Maddie up
  • Mommy cleaned up the house after everyone went back to school
  • Daddy got the lights in the basement back on
  • Marky is mastering her new Wii game
  • Mommy's neck is feeling better

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